Creative Green

Following a chance discussion at a choir workshop, Caroline, Hazel and Barbara realised that they all harboured the same passionate interests in the arts, flowers, cookery and most importantly: our natural environment.

With Barbara’s ‘secret’ woodland hideaway and Caroline and Hazel’s expertise with flowers, the first woodland workshop in natural floral arrangements took place.

The feedback from the  attendees at this event was truly amazing and they were encouraged to hold more events and were offered a long list of suggested topics.  It has been this list that has lead to the sourcing of local tutors and it is quite remarkable how many experts reside in the local community.

After attending one of Creative Green’s Woodland Workshops not only will you have learned a new skill, you will have re-connected with nature, sampled fabulous home made food, met some very interesting people and feel totally relaxed.  To Contact us

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