Self Kindness Day

Self Kindness Day – ‘Be careful what you say to yourself, for you are listening.’

With Jane Barker

A Tree at Clue Hill Farm , Near Brill.

For many of us having empathy for other people can come easier than having empathy for ourselves and whilst we can understand and forgive other people’s mistakes, we find our own shortcomings indefensible.  This can lead to constant self-criticism and a feeling of never being quite good enough, with any suggestion of self-kindness or understanding dismissed as self-pity, or allowing ourselves to ‘get away with it’.  The toll of living up to this ideal of perception is relentless and ultimately futile because, after all, we are all only human.

Paul Gilbert defines compassion as ‘a basic kindness, a deep awareness of the suffering of oneself and of other living things, coupled with the wish and effort to relieve it’. The day’s workshop to be held on 4th July will look at how self-compassion encompasses the acknowledgement and acceptance that we are imperfect beings and it is this that connects us to the rest of humanity.  Using mindful awareness we will also see how turning towards our own self-criticism and difficulties with kindness and compassion can transform the experience.

The day will include:

*     Defining self-compassion, how it is quite different from self-pity and self esteem

*     Different types of compassion

*     Research into the role of self-compassion in psychological well-being

*     Using compassionate imagery to develop a sense of warmth and kindness

*     Exercises to help develop compassion towards yourself

*     Activities to engender a feeling of interconnectedness with others

*     Poetry, discussion and quiet reflection time

‘A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day.  A string of such moments can change the course of your life’ Christopher Germer

Price: £85.00 includes all materials (unless otherwise specified) our fabulous Creative Green lunch, drinks, homemade cakes and biscuits (the eggs are kindly contributed by the resident hens at Clue Hill Farm and honey from our bees).

Numbers are generally limited to a maximum of 14 – this ensures that everyone is able to spend sufficient one-to-one time with the tutors.  Our meals are locally sourced and organic wherever possible.  We cook all the food on open fires with the logs harvested from our woods.

From 10 am till 4pm.

Jane Barker

Our tutors are all either personally known by us, or come highly recommended to us.  They all live and practice their various disciplines within the local community and welcome any contact from attendees of our workshops.  Please refer to their individual pages for full contact details.

Relax in nature, put your feet up in a field and enjoy a refreshing drink

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Date(s) - 04 Jul 2015
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Clue Hill Farm



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